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My Feature Story on

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Trust me. I'm not that self-absorbed LOL but I do take a lot of selfies because I love taking portraits and am often left with just myself as a subject.

There's this wonderful thing about a person's face that absorbs and reflects light differently. I just can't use one of my big Hello Kitty plush dolls-- not even just for testing purposes. There's nothing else like a real human being.

And with Addison gone all the time... I started to get desperate and really wanted to improve on my work so I used myself :) and have for quite some time now.

I was really surprised when I got an email asking me about one of the photos I took of myself during a lighting experiment.

I like to practice and try my lighting setups before a shoot so I'm prepared and don't need to scramble to fix things. I doesn't look professional.

In fact, I was practicing this very setup to take these photos: And the results were just as I had practiced before.

As you can see in the DIY Photography article, my in camera results weren't perfect and it required some post production but the end results were still pretty great.

I'm not an expert and I don't claim to be but I think everyone can learn a lot from each other.

I thank the DIYPhotography writer and site for this awesome feature and very cool opportunity.

Thanks so much! I'm very grateful for the love and support.